Oven Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan

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Last updated on October 12th, 2021 at 03:03 pm

As far as I can remember, this oven-roasted asparagus recipe came about when we went to the pantry and fridge to make some food. We didn’t necessarily have a plan. Stand and look at the pantry for 5 minutes. Stand with the fridge door open for 5 minutes. Repeat until food ideas come.

Or sometimes just decide to get something out.

Asparagus prepped to be oven roasted

But not on that fateful day. I’m pretty sure I saw asparagus and lemons and realized they were both the most perishable items left. Better use them before they go bad. That’s how a lot of my food ideas happen. Because I don’t always shop with a specific meal plan in mind…

So I laid them out on the counter and tried to think of how they might go together. Parmesan and pine nuts made the cut. And after a quick mix, it went into the oven for a good roasting.

Pretty good for a quick side dish.

Lots of Options

Thin or thick asparagus. Whole or chopped. Grilled, roasted, blanched, or sautéed.

As you can tell from the title of this recipe, I decided to roast this asparagus. It is a very easy method and quite hands-off. Just check it every once in a while and take it out before it gets too soft.

And because I was roasting, I decided on thinner asparagus. In my opinion, thicker asparagus is better when grilling. It can stand up to those direct flames and get a nice char without overcooking inside.

I also don’t think I have ever chopped the asparagus either. I like it whole. Though I could see 2 to 3-inch lengths of asparagus being much easier to sauté and blanch.

The pine nuts are optional for this recipe. I think they add a great texture and creamy contrast to the asparagus. But I also recognize that they are way too expensive. So you can leave them off or try substituting them for a different kind of nut. Let me know if you find one that you think works better.

Just do whatever feels right for you.

To help keep the asparagus fresh, you can slice off about 1/4 inch from the bottom and place them in water. Just like you would with fresh cut flowers. They will suck that water up and stay crisp in time for your meal. If you are using asparagus within a couple of days of shopping, then it is not really necessary.

Prep Work for Oven Roasted Asparagus

Perfect oven roasted asparagus with lemon and pine nuts

Though it is a very hands-off method, the asparagus will still need a little preparation.

First off, nobody likes the woody, chewy, bottom stems of the asparagus. So chop off about an inch or so from the base. Do not skip this step. Or all you will remember about this side dish is the stringy, non-chewable end of the asparagus that ruined your meal. Note – these trimmings are great for compost if you have one.

And for mixing everything together you have some options. You can mix it in a separate bowl as I suggest in the recipe. Or you can cut out a dish and mix it all together right on the baking sheet. It is a little more difficult to get things evenly mixed. And it can sometimes get a little messy.

But it makes for one less dish to clean later. Which I am all about.

Oven Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan

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Super-easy method to oven-roast asparagus as a savory side


  • 1 pound asparagus

  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

  • 1/4 cup shredded parmesan

  • 1/4 cup olive oil

  • 1/4 cup pine nuts (optional)

  • Pinch of salt

  • Pinch of pepper


  • Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C)
  • Remove the woody ends of the asparagus by trimming about an inch off of the base
  • In a medium mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and stir until the asparagus is thoroughly coated
  • Evenly spread the asparagus out onto a baking sheet
  • Put the asparagus in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes until lightly charred and tender, but not mushy

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