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Festive Cinnamon Ginger Apple Cider Punch Recipe


  There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with this delicious punch recipe. It’s packed with warming spices, sweet apple cider, cream, and ginger ale. This delicious and festive apple cider punch is perfect for a fall holiday party or any other occasion that calls for a […]

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How to Make Homestyle Mashed Potatoes


  For something so simple and, on its own, kind of plain, potatoes are quite magical. Especially when boiled and whipped together to make these homestyle mashed potatoes. I’ve even made mashed potatoes from homegrown plants before. It was especially entertaining to make mashed potatoes with the blue potatoes we […]


Parmesan Rosemary Potato Soup Recipe


  About a month and a half ago, we had a very disappointingly meager harvest from our potato plants. After cleaning them up, I stored the potatoes we dug up in our pantry to wait on a recipe that felt right. And partly to hide them out of gardening shame. […]

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Harry Potter’s Frozen Butterbeer Recipe


  Happy early birthday Harry Potter! It’s on July 31st if you were wondering. Instead of a misspelled cake from Hagrid, let’s celebrate with a big ol’ glass of frozen butterbeer. I was definitely within the target demographic for Harry Potter as the books were released in the US. So […]

A spoonful of delicious wild rice soup
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Creamy Parmesan Wild Rice Soup Recipe


  I may or may not have originally set out to make a pilaf. My original inspiration was this Rice-A-Roni copycat recipe. And then it didn’t go exactly as planned and I turned it into a wild rice soup recipe. I initially added too much liquid into the pot to […]


Mouthwatering Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe


  Ice cream + popsicle = creamsicle. And orange is the most iconic flavor. In order to imitate the orange creamsicle flavor in our own smoothie recipe, we’ll use oranges, yogurt, vanilla, cream, and frozen mango. I mean, the easiest way might be to just throw some of the frozen […]