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How to Make Crepes

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  Thin, delicate, buttery goodness that can be paired with toppings to your heart’s content. Learn how to make crepes for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. Basically pancakes that lost weight and got all French and fancy, crepes are a delight. From batter to pan-frying, the most difficult part of crepe […]

Cooled and cut vanilla Rice Krispie treats stacked on a plate

Simple Vanilla Rice Krispie Treats Recipe


  These simple, sticky, and delicious vanilla Rice Krispie treats will delight nearly everyone. I don’t know what’s up with this theme lately, but this one is another that my wife taught me. Just like the easy pumpkin muffins, this was one my wife always whipped up for us. Until […]


Mouthwatering Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe


  Ice cream + popsicle = creamsicle. And orange is the most iconic flavor. In order to imitate the orange creamsicle flavor in our own smoothie recipe, we’ll use oranges, yogurt, vanilla, cream, and frozen mango. I mean, the easiest way might be to just throw some of the frozen […]

Desserts, How To Tuesdays

How to Make Crème Brûlée


  Crème brûlée sounds super fancy, somewhat snobbish, and seems like it should be difficult to make. But it isn’t too hard once you’ve given it a shot. Remember that its name literally means burnt cream. And if ‘burnt’ is in the name, then you really don’t need to be […]