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The Perfect Pillowy-soft Puffy Pita Recipe


  I’ve got an alliteration problem. See my pesto pizza pasta salad or my chocolate chipotle chili con carne. I’m back at it again. This time with a perfect pillowy-soft puffy pita recipe. I just can’t help myself. Sorry. I honestly wanted to make a spanakopita dip with homemade fried […]

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Fry Bread Scones Family Recipe (Beignets)

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  Behold the family tradition recipe that I knew growing up simply as ‘scones’. Until I learned later what most people consider scones – which are kind of crumbly and dry-looking and honestly, I’ve never had one (they’re probably tasty in their own right, but they are not my scones…). […]

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Perfectly Flaky Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits


  Get ready to butter some biscuits. Some delicious, layered, flaky, homemade buttermilk biscuits. They are much simpler to make from scratch than you probably think, and taste so much better than pre-made ones from the store. Plus, it is always fun to use cookie cutters to punch out the […]

Baked Irish soda bread with butter and jam
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Basic Brown Irish Soda Bread Recipe


  I am not always the biggest bread person. Though I do like sourdough and my mom’s dinner roll recipe. My wife, on the other hand, loves bread and can’t get enough. But we had a bit of a role reversal the first time we tried brown soda bread. I […]

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How to Make Pasta


  I made a lot of pasta for this post. Like, so much that there are no more eggs available in my house. And I started off with one of the huge Costco egg cartons. But I did it because making that many batches really forces you to learn how […]