Me standing in the kitchen ready to cook

Welcome to Do You Roux?

I’m Marc Peterson, the main voice behind this site. I love cooking, eating, and impulse buying cookbooks. My greatest vice in cooking is that I want to douse everything in gallons of sauce. That may be the reason sauces are some of my favorite things to make.

My love of cooking was born out of a love of eating. Venturing into the kitchen at a young age to try and nab some food before dinner was fully prepared led to me being in there while my mom was still a flurry of ingredients and utensils. And when I first moved out on my own I had to reach out and ask for recipes on the home-cooked dishes I loved the most. And eventually, I learned to make them myself.

Now, I want to master a wide range of techniques and skills in the kitchen. My tendency is not to cook to an exact recipe, but rather to do a little research and then go with whatever feels best. What better way to cook than with gut feeling, right? But hopefully, here I will be able to better document a precise recipe so that I can replicate the successful ones in the future.

For me, food is all about sharing – usually because I cooked way more than just my wife and I could eat alone. Do You Roux? naturally grew from that desire to share what I cook with everyone. So I hope you can enjoy the food, the process, and the fun I have on my journey.

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