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Sesame Soy Chopped Salad with Chicken


  Welcome this colorful sesame soy chopped salad with chicken to your table for a feast on the eyes and the tongue. Color and flavor abound in a salad that comes together with tons of crunchy texture. This one is inspired by another of my mom’s recipes from growing up. […]


Silky Smooth Roasted Butternut Squash Soup


  Butternut squash season is in full swing. So what better time to make a fall-themed recipe that features this fun gourd? Grab a big old spoon and scoop yourself some of this roasted butternut squash soup. A while back I bought a whole batch of Williams Sonoma e-cookbooks. One […]

A spoonful of delicious wild rice soup
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Creamy Parmesan Wild Rice Soup Recipe


  I may or may not have originally set out to make a pilaf. My original inspiration was this Rice-A-Roni copycat recipe. And then it didn’t go exactly as planned and I turned it into a wild rice soup recipe. I initially added too much liquid into the pot to […]

Entrees, Soups

Garbanzo Lemon Orzo Soup


  This soup has a personality. Garbanzo lemon orzo soup is bright and happy and reminds me of springtime and warmer weather. I think these attributes come from the fresh ingredients, the broth base, acidic lemons, and no cream. You can make this on one of the cold, dark winter […]


Glazed Carrots with Honey and Ginger

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  I am, admittedly, not the best at getting enough vegetables. I even bought a book called Vegetable Literacy to try and help me out. It goes very in-depth on vegetables, breaking them into families and how they are related and can be used together along with a heap of […]