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Finished hot honey buffalo chicken sandwich recipe ready to eat

Hot Honey Biscuit Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


  With all this talk about chicken sandwich wars raging between fast-food chains, it’s time to take it to the home kitchen. Make yourself this buffalo chicken sandwich. It’s on a biscuit, with hot honey, cheese, lettuce, and whatever other toppings your heart desires. I can understand all the hype. […]

Sauces and Condiments

Chipotle Hot Honey Recipe


  Sweet and heat are always a delicious combination. And some of my favorite peppers – chipotles – also add smoky notes into the mix. So for this hot honey recipe, we’ll infuse some chipotles into the honey to get a smoky, sweet, and spicy condiment. For me, this honey […]


Semi Spicy Sugar Snap Peas


  Happy New Year! I figured I should start the year off healthy with some vegetables. But plain vegetables aren’t always my thing, so let’s spice them up a bit with these sugar snap peas. Whenever I am given the option to choose a vegetable with dinner, I go with […]


Glazed Carrots with Honey and Ginger

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  I am, admittedly, not the best at getting enough vegetables. I even bought a book called Vegetable Literacy to try and help me out. It goes very in-depth on vegetables, breaking them into families and how they are related and can be used together along with a heap of […]