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Fried Potato and Onion Strings


  This recipe for fried potato and onion strings comes from a restaurant at Universal Studios Orlando. My wife and I love the Universal theme parks in Orlando. Their theme-ing is on point. The rides are intense. Harry Potter world. What is not to love? Though we’ve never lived in […]


White Pizza with Chicken and Bacon


  I’m dreaming of a white pizza, cause it already seems like it will probably be a white Christmas here. And pizza tastes better than snow. Unless maybe you’re at Bahama Bucks for some shaved ice. Anyways, while working on the post for how to caramelize onions, I remembered this […]

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How to Caramelize Onions


  The first thing you need to know is it takes some time to truly caramelize onions. There are a few methods to more quickly make some faux-caramelized onions, but those tend to rely on adding sugars that caramelize around the onions rather than the sugars in the onions themselves. […]