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Fry Bread Scones Family Recipe (Beignets)

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  Behold the family tradition recipe that I knew growing up simply as ‘scones’. Until I learned later what most people consider scones – which are kind of crumbly and dry-looking and honestly, I’ve never had one (they’re probably tasty in their own right, but they are not my scones…). […]


Crispy Fried Cheese Ravioli with Marinara


  Fry it in oil and it will taste good. Add in a flavorful breadcrumb coating and it will taste even better. Accompany it with a sauce and you’ve got a perfect appetizer. Savor this crispy, crunchy fried cheese ravioli by ticking all three boxes. Let me recover from the […]

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Fried Potato and Onion Strings


  This recipe for fried potato and onion strings comes from a restaurant at Universal Studios Orlando. My wife and I love the Universal theme parks in Orlando. Their theme-ing is on point. The rides are intense. Harry Potter world. What is not to love? Though we’ve never lived in […]