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Chicken parm burger with all of the toppings

Chicken Parm Burger Recipe


  This chicken parm burger is one of my wife’s favorite meals. Any time I ask her what I should make, this dish is always mentioned. This recipe is the definition of fresh. The chicken becomes the backdrop for the bright herbs, creamy cheese, and tangy tomato sauce. My mom […]

Finished hot honey buffalo chicken sandwich recipe ready to eat

Hot Honey Biscuit Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


  With all this talk about chicken sandwich wars raging between fast-food chains, it’s time to take it to the home kitchen. Make yourself this buffalo chicken sandwich. It’s on a biscuit, with hot honey, cheese, lettuce, and whatever other toppings your heart desires. I can understand all the hype. […]

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Simply Chicken Noodle Soup


  In sickness and in health, chicken noodle soup is there for you. It’s a soup that is also a warm, comforting hug. Piping hot broth brimming with hearty vegetables, tender chicken, and plump noodles make this soup come to life. Kids, adults, grandparents, and teens all love the simple […]

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How to Make Chicken Stock


  Throw a bunch of ingredients in a big pot with some water and let it simmer for a while. Now you have chicken stock. It is almost that easy. A little prep work and some small effort once it has finished simmering is all it really takes. The magic […]


White Pizza with Chicken and Bacon


  I’m dreaming of a white pizza, cause it already seems like it will probably be a white Christmas here. And pizza tastes better than snow. Unless maybe you’re at Bahama Bucks for some shaved ice. Anyways, while working on the post for how to caramelize onions, I remembered this […]


Gorgonzola Pear Salad with Breaded Chicken


  For the longest time whenever I pictured a salad it was just a bland side salad that only really tasted good because it was doused in ranch dressing. And gorgonzola on a salad would never cross my mind. Perhaps that is why I would always turn up my nose […]

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From Scratch Chicken Pot Pie

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  For me, a good chicken pot pie is the quintessential comfort food. A perfectly golden-brown crust blankets a medley of vegetables, chicken, and sauce to bind it all together. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. It’s an impeccable balance between the flaky crust and velvety guts. My family has always referred to […]